Kiev Pride

KyivPride 2021

KyivPride 2021


Κίεβο, Ukraine

Kiev Pride
KyivPride will return in 2021. The date has been moved from June to September. No date has yet been confirmed but it will happen.

The first gay Pride event in Kyiv took place in 2016 and only a couple of thousand people attended. The number of attendees doubled a couple of years later.

There's still quite a way to go for LGBT+ rights in Ukraine. It's certainly a more favourable place to be LGBT+ than its giant neighbour.

Statement from the organisers: "KyivPride is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization whose goal is to promote the achievement of full respect for human rights for LGBT + in Ukraine, to build respect for these rights in society by increasing the visibility and participation of LGBT + in social processes. In addition to its activities during the year, the NGO KyivPride organizes the largest and most prominent LGBT + events in Ukraine: the Equality March and the Pride Month."
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Τιμή KyivPride 2021

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